[Fix] Copy Paste Doesn’t Work On My Remote Desktop Connection

You’ll never appreciate the most basic things until they’re gone. The worst thing that could ever happen is losing the copy paste functionality. Now magnify it when you need to copy and paste from your desktop over to a remote desktop (RDP) or vice versa. I was temporarily using pastebin.com to transfer over data. What a hassle. Let’s skip to the meat.

How to fix the remote desktops copy and paste function

  1. Load up task manager – CTRL + ALT + DEL or right clicking the taskbar and select manager)
  2. Go to Process Tab
  3. Select rdpclip.exe
  4. End the process
  5. Go to Application Tab
  6. Click New Process
  7. Type rdpclip
  8. Click Ok
  9. Enjoy

Now pick up all the hairs that you’ve pulled out and glue them back on your head. Your headache is now over.

i’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, i’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Fail Detector Going Off

There has been a gigantic road block with my love and hate relationship with Google. Without getting into detail, I must change my entire strategy and adapt or die. I am use to the roller coaster of internet marketing but this was the biggest drop I had ever experienced, let alone ever expected. It felt like the 4+ years of knowledge led to nothing. My income was growing and I barely had to do anything for months. That was my biggest mistake. “The only thing that stays the same is change” – Sage Francis. The internet was changing each month and I just watched it transform until Google finally told me to get off my ass.

Well, I discovered a band while coming home from one of the most relaxing anniversary trips prior to this incident. My bean was using pandora to entertain my driving needs and ran into The Whitest Boy Alive. I heard them before on hypem but I never thought about looking deeper into their music. I am glad I ran into their songs again. There was a song that I was hooked on but I was even more hooked after the whole Google ordeal. Its called Golden Cage and even though the song meaning is leaning towards love for a person, my interpretation was directed towards my career.

This song made me realize that I failed…and failed hard and I am glad I had. Why? Its a great opportunity to desensitize failure and I am called out to see if I truly believe in myself. Do I? To be continued!

Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Final Days

its not over until its over 300x224 Speed Reading   30 Day Challenge: Final Days30 Days has passed and the challenge is over. My goal was at 350 WPM with 75% comprehension within 30 days by practicing speed reading techniques by Ace Reader. What happened to the 3rd weeks post? Well I will tell you what happened. I created a small update on the challenge with an unexpected issue. I thought I could take rest for a few days and come back tackling twice as hard…but my assumptions were wrong. My eye felt like it was swollen and dry enough where I would actually put effort into blinking. I took additional  days off and now my girlfriend mentioned that my 30 days was over! Thinking about how my 30 day challenge was not a real 30 day challenge. It was a 30 day or whenever you feel like stopping challenge. I can slowly feel the negativity coming so I will stopped chattering and cut straight to the slimmed down 30 day challenge result.

Speed Reading Screenshot – Red Highlight

ace reader speed reading challenge over Speed Reading   30 Day Challenge: Final DaysThe last couple of tests had the same patterns right before I broke the 270 area mark the first week. I will not know if the significant WPM jump would have happened if I continued the course.

The Result

- My average WPM before the challenge was 234 WPM with 93.75% comprehension.

- The Goal was 350 WPM by 30 days.

- My brand spanking new average is 307 WPM with 90% comprehension.

The Conclusion

fight back 350 wpm 300x297 Speed Reading   30 Day Challenge: Final DaysI did not conquer the castle but I was able to put up a good fight. I will reorganize my troops and come back fighting for my 350 WPM in the near future. While in hibernation, I did notice my reading has become honed and I am able to enjoy reading for a longer period. Scanning through pages and coding has definitely improved and I can now surf the web 31% times faster! YEAH! Or 31% more surfing! I am glad I took this challenge and I know this is something I do want to continue improving for the rest of my life. It is the backbone to moving forward to help learn more about myself and what the world has to offer and it is something I would highly recommend for everyone. Have you done speed reading exercises in the past? What kind of results did you get from it?

Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Day 8-14

big speed bump Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Day 8 14Here is the report for week #2 for the speed reading challenge. My eye started to heal last week so I was able to keep my eye on the ball again. The very, very blurry ball. I was expected to not do well on the test for the first run of AceReader since my reading level has slowly dissipated the past week (or is it my bad attitude that subconsciously made me perform as well as I should ?). I took the third comprehension test and asked myself, “What if I could get the average WPM on the test by taking 3 separate tests over again?”. What I did not realize was the amount of tests AceReader can only provide per course. I ended up exhausting my supply and could not take anymore tests until I finish the course level. This was a huge a let down. It felt like I found a piece of hair in my soup after it was already half way down my throat and I did not know whether I should regurgitate it out or swallow the unknown DNA. I ended up missing 2-4 days of AceReader action because of this so I am taking this weeks challenge opportunity as loss. Lets stop here and show the half-ass results!

Speed Reading Screenshot – Red Highlight

acereader results1 Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Day 8 14The downfall was the addiction of looking at the progress graph. Every time I did not do well, a little bit of me dies so most important part for this week is to simply ignore the graph and just create a tunnel vision to just run through the exercises.

Measured Results

I was averaging 305 WPM from the last time I have posted and now I am at 306 WPM! 1 word improvement! I am very glad that it is on a positive number because no matter how many speed bumps are being raced through, there would always be something good on the other side. I will be coming after you 350!  Lets move forward people!

Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: PAUSED for a 7 Days

slow down Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: PAUSED for a 7 DaysI was expecting to write an update on the speed reading challenge with graphs and stats oh my but ended up with a down time update. My right eye became a little sore/numb on Monday so it became a lot harder to do the daily exercise. I ended up resting my eye from these hardcore ace reader workouts for an entire week so I can go back at it strong the next week. I will continue to start the 15th day as of today, April 02,  and have the goal adjusted to the 26th instead of the 19th.

Triple Mounted Monitors – No more peeking off the fence!

I have always wanted to set up multiple monitors with a triple mount for my Samsung ex2220 but never had a good reason to have one until now. Portrait mode. I code all the time and I thought a couple of seconds scrolling up and down the monitor would not help until one night, out of random curiosity; I changed the settings to portrait mode while holding onto one monitor vertically to ‘just see how it feels like’. The only concern was the vertical distortion but it passed without question.  I was planning to replace the monitors for ‘portrait mode’ compatible monitors but getting a mount could do the same for much cheaper.

The initial mount I was planning to purchase was the ergotrons but it ended up costing more than I expected. Rain came to join the parade, socks were wet and the bathroom is out of toilet paper. I thought this was a sign that a triple mount setup was not possible anymore…until I found the SIIG CE-MT0R12-S1 desk mount for $118! It was definitely cheaper and it was capable of doing portrait mode. YEAH! My WANT has finally came true.


Triple Mounted Monitor Tour


How I Am Using It

Left Horizontal Monitor – Primarily used for gaming, movies and file exploring.

Center Vertical Monitor – Coding, managing lists/text documents, visiting websites and reading.

Right Vertical Monitor – Testing web scripts/applications and managing vmware.

The Pros

There is a huge difference in speed when determining if the website you have visited is worth investigating for your surfing/researching etc. I can see the website as a whole and skimming is pretty much instant…especially when I am taking the speed reading challenge. It does not collect much dust compared to the shiny stock samsung stand, I am able to turn the monitor around to watch my movies away from the desk and coding has been easier since using the mouse is limited.

The Cons

The two vertical monitors are not aligned together but its expected since the mounts were inexpensive compared to the other options. The center monitor cannot be pushed further or closer to you so adjust your keyboard tray and chair accordingly. The last con only applies to people who have their desk facing away from the wall. The triple mount is bulky but you can maximize the clean look by taming your monitor cables.

Overall, it was definitely worth getting and I am very glad I jumped for it. If you are thinking about it and still unsure, ask a friend or family to temporarily rotate your monitor vertically and try it out but make sure whoever is holding your monitor has enough strength to do so.

Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Day 1-7

I am reporting back on the first 7 days of speed reading and it is starting to become more of a game then a challenge. The practice I look forward to are keyword page skimming where I would need to search for a specific name through a list and the eye fixation where I would need to make a quick decision whether two words are related or not. Lets cut the fat and go straight to the current results.

Speed Reading Screenshot

speed reading ace reader results Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Day 1 7The chart starts off with the very impressive 234 WPM. The test results were taking a bipolar roller coaster until it finally made its final drop on the 7th day. What happened on the 7th day?! I was seeing progress until my brain and eyes combined powers to bring me down to failure. It could be that…but there was something else that was going on behind closed doors. I could not stop checking my graph results and at the last day…knowing that this will be posted online…I was extra cautious with reading each line and ended up fixating on a couple of words just to keep my comprehension level at a minimum of 75! Why oh why!

Measured Results

I started with 234 WPM and currently averaging 305 WPM within 7 days. That is 71 WPM increase this week. I do not know how much improvement is expected but as long as I keep moving forward I am happy. Stay tuned.

Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge

speed reading 300x247 Speed Reading   30 Day Challenge

Why Speed Reading?

I have always had speed reading in the back of my mind ever since I started internet marketing.

Information Overload Central. Instead of spending too much time reading and less time doing, speed reading will help allocate my time towards taking more action. That means more things get done, more free time away from working and improve my understanding and retention for the long haul. I will be using ace reader as my speed reading software as my coach and milestone tracker so screenshots will be presented throughout the week.

Reading Goal

Before I set my goal, I first had to figure out my WPM as my base by taking a few tests through ace reader and averaging out the results.

- Current WPM is 234 at  93.75% comprehension.

- Specific – Read at 350 WPM with 75% comprehension by May 1st.  I could not find any information regarding the improvements people have received by speed reading for a specific duration so I will ball park my goal and adjust accordingly after it is over.

- Measurable – The total upgrade is 116 WPM so I would need to read 29 WPM faster each week.

- Action – I will take the ace reader course for 30 minutes first thing in the morning 7 days a week. I will update this challenge every Monday after completing a 30 minute course for that day.

- Relevant – This will improve my work and life balance. I will be able to learn more about internet marketing,  exercise creativity and most importantly being able to squeeze out potential self-growth.

- Time – My goal is complete it by April 19 26.


This will be my first challenge being documented for others to see so I am definitely nervous. Have you ever gone through a speed reading course? Share your experience and let us know.

How Bad Do You Want It?

I was very touched by this video.

A lot of us want to be a certain somebody but the majority of us only think about the end result and never the process of how others got there. It is really hard to see how difficult it is to actually achieve what we want unless you experience it yourself.

Dunking your face into the water and realizing the only thing you absolutely need to do is breathe. Nothing else.

Looks like I need to fill a bucket of water tomorrow to make sure I know where I am at in terms of where I want to be.