Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Day 8-14

 Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Day 8 14About

big speed bump Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Day 8 14Here is the report for week #2 for the speed reading challenge. My eye started to heal last week so I was able to keep my eye on the ball again. The very, very blurry ball. I was expected to not do well on the test for the first run of AceReader since my reading level has slowly dissipated the past week (or is it my bad attitude that subconsciously made me perform as well as I should ?). I took the third comprehension test and asked myself, “What if I could get the average WPM on the test by taking 3 separate tests over again?”. What I did not realize was the amount of tests AceReader can only provide per course. I ended up exhausting my supply and could not take anymore tests until I finish the course level. This was a huge a let down. It felt like I found a piece of hair in my soup after it was already half way down my throat and I did not know whether I should regurgitate it out or swallow the unknown DNA. I ended up missing 2-4 days of AceReader action because of this so I am taking this weeks challenge opportunity as loss. Lets stop here and show the half-ass results!

Speed Reading Screenshot – Red Highlight

acereader results1 Speed Reading – 30 Day Challenge: Day 8 14The downfall was the addiction of looking at the progress graph. Every time I did not do well, a little bit of me dies so most important part for this week is to simply ignore the graph and just create a tunnel vision to just run through the exercises.

Measured Results

I was averaging 305 WPM from the last time I have posted and now I am at 306 WPM! 1 word improvement! I am very glad that it is on a positive number because no matter how many speed bumps are being raced through, there would always be something good on the other side. I will be coming after you 350!  Lets move forward people!

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